Thursday, March 11, 2010


Living here in Central America, I have become accustomed to things that initially made me look twice. Whenever I have people visiting, I love watching what things interest them. For example, you can buy one egg at a time here. Showing how coffee and bananas grow. How you can buy single servings of mayonnaise and milk because many people do not have fridges. You can buy fruit, garbage bags, veggies and clothes from the side of the road and fish from the back of a truck. Many electrical wires hang so close to the ground, you have to step over them. Stray dogs enter almost every store and no one blinks twice. Having spiders the size of your hand visit you in the bathroom. All these things no longer cause me to look twice, but, I did take a second look when I saw this;

Syd machete-ing down a bush, in her pink dress and sweater, in bare feet. Such a mix of girlie-girl and tom boy! Now, before anyone calls social services on me, everyone here has a machete and uses it for almost everything. They are quite handy and easy to use. I can still remember when I was talking to one of the support teachers in Calgary and he asked me where Josh was and I casually mentioned "Oh he is in the back yard sharpening his machete. " I heard Bill fall off his chair and ask me to repeat what I had just said in a very startled tone. I actually used to sleep with my machete under my bed when Paul was out of town, but now I have Uzzi, my dog, he is way better then any machete!

Until I blog again!



Lynn said...

great post! Looks like life is awesome for you and your family there! Love reading your blog! Thought you might like to see photos of our sweet little Kade! Who would have thought? Now he has a little sister due in a couple of months! Won't forget your sweetness at the Childrens!

JaLiBu said...

Hi Linda!
Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know I've been reading up on your family adventures in Panama. They're really great.
We just returned from a visit to Calgary and it was so nice to be back somewhere familiar and with good people.
I can't believe your kids are so grown up.
I'm on facebook if you want to check in on us. Would love to hear from you.

Elizabeth Ballard Slagle said...

This is a nice post and hey, I live here and I didn't know about the single-servings of mayo!

ennewstead said...

Fantastic story, looks like a fab time your all having!!